Looking back at the founding of SFFFA

South Florida Flag Football Association (SFFFA) kicks off its first podcast launch with Jack Hakimian of Global Presence on Monday, April 11. Read more to know about the founding of SFFFA, looking back on how and why it started.

On SFFFA’s founding

The founding of SFFFA started with Commissioner Shannon Knowles’ love for the game. In fact, he took several shots at the NFL tryouts but his dream didn’t come to fruition. Hence, he forgot about the game for quite some time and focused on working. But football has always found its way back to him. 

A friend of Commissioner Knowles bumped into his brother, who have told him a sport called down. In gridiron football, a down is the time it takes for a play to be completed. In rugby league, the down is associated with a “tackle” and is a distinctive feature of the game when contrasted to other forms of football. He gave it a try and actually won the championships back in the 90s.

On flag football stereotypes 

The majority of the people thought that flag football was soft and with many restrictions. Commissioner Knowles encountered a lot of these perspectives. 

However, there’s actually a style of play being used today called 909. This style allows every size and every speed, paving opportunities for all. To summarize, it was meant for everybody.

“I know every ex-NFL player and even current NFL players who have come out to see it and all said the same thing,” Commissioner Knowles said on the podcast. 

They never knew this kind of style existed. 

On football teams 

SFFFA did an FFL tournament three years ago and teams would come from out of town like Orlando and Jacksonville, but due to Coronavirus, it was halted. The flag football association hopes for another tournament in the future. 

Two of their prominent teams currently are Death Row and Beast Mode. It was the pinnacle game of the seasons because one was undefeated and Death Row had one loss on the track record but came to fight and conquered Beast Mode. Beast Mode is currently on fire right now and even made a statement that they’re definitely here and one of the powerhouses in the league. 

The championship is yet to be dethroned…or remained undefeated.

On SFFFA’s vision 

Commissioner Knowles revealed in the podcast that SFFFA will continue for the players. 

“It’s about keeping the guys off the streets, it’s about motivating them,” Commissioner Knowles said. 

Currently, the SFFFA is working on big changes with their online presence with the help of Global Presence Marketing. Commissioner Knowles also said that the association has plans on furthering the cause of their organization by inviting investors to hopefully build a sports complex, where all communities could play and gather. 

Watch and listen to the whole podcast session by clicking this link

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About SFFFA 

The South Florida Flag Football Association (SFFFA) is a 9-on-9 competitive flag football league located in Hollywood, Florida. To learn more about us, visit our website and follow us on our social media platforms. 


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