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South Florida Flag Football Association (SFFFA) Commissioner Shannon Knowles gets an invite at Flag Football America to sit down and talk with Stacey Marshall, the internet radio host. From playing in a football game to leading a football association, learn how Commissioner Shannon Knowles of SFFFA braved through it all. 

Shannon Knowles has been running SFFFA since 2004. Prior to managing the association, he was an active football player, not until an injury in 2006. Still clinging to his dreams, Commissioner Knowles turned SFFFA into a family-centered football organization. He may not be able to kick the goal anymore, but his teammates’ passion burnt brighter. In fact, Commissioner Knowles’ passion for football drove SFFFA to where it is now. They’re currently in the planning stage for website development and rebranding, launching their football clothing line, and working hard every day for the betterment of their association. 

“If you ever love and have a passion for something, I believe someone said that you would do it even if it weren’t earning,” Commissioner Knowles told Marshall. 

The SFFFA and Commissioner Knowles mainly play in South Florida, providing dreams and goals for their team members. They also send their team to play for the national level by pooling a group of members to be chosen for the all-star team. They have remained in South Florida in the last two years to build their restructuring. 

Running a football association isn’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes, Commissioner Knowles encounters problems, like when a team pays late registration fees. But these things typically happen. Currently, they have a league that starts this week with more than ten teams planning to join. 

“Shannon has definitely a passion for the game. It’s not just all about the money,” Marshall added. Commissioner Knowles has always put the team first. The SFFFA boasts its camaraderie, brotherhood, and family-first values. 

Commissioner Knowles shared the most important thing he learned as the podcast is nearing its end. “You can try to do it by yourself to get all the accolades but for me to have helped is such a blessing.” Commissioner Knowles has earned support from his father, brother, who’s now his accountant, and his wife.

“My wife has come in and stepped right in the place. She helps me just overall focus and put things in perspective and also put me in the right direction at which I need,” Commissioner Knowles added. 

South Florida Flag Football Association (SFFFA) is a 9-on-9 competitive flag football league located in Hollywood, Florida. Follow us on our social media accounts for real-time updates.